Taylor Made Classic Cars
Specializing in the classic car hobby for over 30 years!
"I just love to buy, own, drive , flip and "rescue" classic Lotus cars!"

Multi-faceted Services

All facets of the classic car collector hobby are covered.   Included are sales, inspections, acquisition, transportation, detailing, repair, promoting, and buying all types of antique and classic cars, trucks, and motorcycles.

Finders Fee Paid
I will pay you a finders fee for a tip leading to the successful purchase of a vehicle.  
I will do the "leg work" and search for your next classic vehicle.   You will set the parameters of price, condition, and vehicle specifics and I will provide examples of candidate vehicles for your review.
Inspection (PPI)
I can provide a detailed Private Party Inspection report on vehicle condition using this form as a guide:  link to form
I have limited ability to transport very small cars or motorcycles, but can arrange safe transport via commercial carriers.  I can also provide "driving" or taxiing  your vehicle to special destinations if you prefer.
I can assist with selling your vehicle.  Either by commission, flat rate, brokering, or percentage based, I will work with you to make your sales experience affordable, hassle free and effective.
Special Maintenance
I will "exercise" your classic vehicle, check fluids, air pressure, brakes, etc., and keep it in running/driving condition.  Instead of long term storage and finding flat tires or dead batteries, why not allow me to schedule routine "exercise" for your car.