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CHASSIS type parts

shipping additional - some pricing negotiable
All parts are "as-is" with no warranty or guarantee, and no returns
** TMCC now in Smyrna, Delaware**
Formula Ford or other race car setup for brakes, clutch and gas pedals with hydraulic master cylinders

Chinell Ltd. center position steering rack, British made, complete for Formula Ford or other race car setup

Ford Kent head with Weber carb, for Formula Ford setup, complete

English Ford Kent Lotus block, 5 bearings

Renault NG3-072 transmission transaxle 

Lotus Elan exhaust pipe connection clamps

$25 pair
various sized wire hose clamps, new and used

$10 all
Lotus front hub grease caps, new and used

$15 pair new
$12 pair used (very good condition)
Lotus twin cam Stromberg plenum balance pipe assembly, brand new, missing one side securing mount (not really needed)

Lotus Europa "lightened" alternator pulley, brand new

Lotus twin cam timing cover water pump with inside backing plate, excellent condition, no wear markings

Lotus logo dog dish hub caps, very good used condition, good driver quality, not mint
8 to choose from, 

$50 each

I have used caps in fair condition too.  Some slight scratching, scrapes on imperfections

$25 each
Lotus stainless steel beauty rings embellishers, made in England, 13", correct profile, another warehouse find, very nice condition, only 3

$40 each or $100 for all 3
Lotus Europa steel wheels (only 3) very nice warehouse find, excellent NOS condition

$150 each
Mini Lite wheels from England, set of 5, brand new in boxes, never mounted, nice billet air valve stems with caps, custom Lotus logo wheel center caps.  Beautiful perfectly new condition, ready for your tires, size 5.0 x 13 (with S1 inserts)

$1,250 set of 5
Girling clutch master cylinder, brand new, never used

Lotus Elan front hub assembly complete with rotors, calipers (14LF), trunnion uprights, ball joints, 3-ear spinner, brake hose, backing plates, pads, pins, hubs, what you see, taken from donor car

$ 600 pair (bargain, but heavy)
Girling brake calipers "14LF MK1" with pads, pins and spring plates, complete, rebuildable, for Lotus Elan and others

$350 matched pair
Lotus Elan brake rotors original used condition

Front pair - $40

Rear pair - *SOLD*

Lotus Elan brake disc pads, new unused condition, front and rear

$35 all (complete set front & rear)
Lotus Elan handbrake pads (used) good for relining or core returns

Europa twin cam clutch cable

Lotus Europa twin cam rear brake backing plates

$75 pair
Lotus Europa brake proportioning valve, union connections

Lockheed replacement brake boosters from Europa, complete, newer looking, "used" condition, with piping, recently removed from running driving car

$165 pair 
Weber DCOE 40/45 single cable throttle linkage kit 

carb throttle cable bracket

K&N air filter, high air flow, bracket for mounting in nose of Lotus Elan

$45 - with bracket  **SOLD**

$30 - without bracket
Lotus Europa air ducting from air box to air filter mounted on trunk box bin, with clamps

Lotus steering arms

above = matched pair L & R *SOLD*

below = single $25

Lotus Europa spindle axle, one side only

Lotus lower trunions, good condition, usable

$40 set
vacuum advance distributor, Lotus twin cam engine, with cap & wires

Lotus twin cam vacuum advance distributor body

Lotus Europa twin cam engine motor mounts, good used condition

$35 pair
Lotus Europa twin cam motor mounting brackets, used, needs painting

Delco Remy Lotus Europa voltage regulator, used condition

Lotus Elan upper A-arms pair, solid, surface rust only, one pair only

$95 pair
Lotus adjustable front suspension upper A-arms w/ ball joint, race car application

$155 set
Lotus adjustable lower A links, race car application

$155 set
Lotus front sway bars with links, Europa S2 (9/16") and Elan (11/16")

$90 each

NOTE:  Elan bar *SOLD*

Lotus Elan rear wishbones, nice straight condition, no damage, not bent

$300 pair
Lotus Elan rear differential torque rod set, original  (only one set left)

$45 set
Lotus Elan S3/S4/Sprint rear differential, rebuilt, 3.77 ratio, 

Lotus Elan rear differential pumpkin cover, excellent condition

Lotus Elan rear diff splined hub shafts, inner, outer, good usable condition

$350 set all 4 pieces

$200 pair diff output shafts (w/o donut bolts)
$200 pair rear hub axle shafts
Lotus rear half shafts for both Elan and Elan Plus2

$35 (only 1) for Elan
$50 (pair of Elan Plus2)

RotoFlex couplings with proper bolt hardware
$100 set of 4

Metalastik Rotoflex couplings, unbanded, no dry rot or cracking evident

$30 each individually OR
$100 set of 4  (2 sets available)

I have a couple banded/unused couplings

$85 each (see below)

roto-flex couplings banded

$85 each (only 3 left)
Lotus Elan adjustable rear strut/shock perches

$50 pair
Lotus Elan shock tower perches, upper and lower mounts

$75 set
Lotocone mounts, original good condition, for top rear strut mounts on Lotus Elan

$40 pair (2 sets available)
Elan rear springs **SOLD**
Europa front springs 12"
Europa rear springs 16"

$50 pair  (specify which)

Europa springs 11 1/2 inches

$50 pair
Lotus Elan Plus 2 front shock/strut/spring units

$65 pair
Lotus Europa shifter pivot joint assembly

Lotus Elan, Ford NOS 2-blade cooling fan, in original box, never used

$50 - brand new (NOS)

$40 - used one
Radiator fan, replacement, for Europa (or others)

$ 50
Lotus Europa replacement electric fan, with mounting bracket


Lotus Elan radiator side air blocking plates?

$25 pair
Lotus Europa radiator, good condition, minor rust bottom edge strap, easily repairable

Lotus Europa TC coolant swirl pot fill tank
(hole rusted in bottom - repairable)

Lotus Elan transmission mount bracket to frame

gearbox mount

Lotus Elan S4 standard semi-close ratio 4 speed transmission complete with bell housing, shifter, clutch fork, tail shaft, starter cover.  Everything you see here.

Lotus Elan bell housing - FOMOCO script, cast iron, 17 lbs.

Lotus twin cam oil dipstick

Lotus twin cam pistons, used, 040, with wrist pins

$55 set
Lucas inertia starter for Lotus twin cam engine, used condition

$30 each
NOS Lotus Elan down pipe, 2 into 1, brand new, never used

Lotus Elan rear muffler to body mounting bracket

Lotus twin cam oil pump and canister filter

Lotus twin cam oil pump w/ canister filter (used)