Taylor Made Classic Cars
Specializing in the classic car hobby for over 30 years!
"I just love to buy, own, drive , flip and "rescue" classic Lotus cars!"

About Us

Ted has been in the old classic car hobby since the early 1970's.  I have  owned, driven,  bought and sold dozens of classic cars, trucks, and motorcycles over the years.  From rusty hulks, to beautifully restored show cars, I am always seeking that "barn find" to bring back to life and recirculate.   I have experienced the tutelage under the great show car restorers of years gone by.  Restorers like Joe Rose, Joe Wolozen, Frank Howey, Jimmy Norris, John Bower, George Hornbostle, Frank Heiss, Bob Fobell, and Jack Kaiser to name a few; to them I express my gratitude.  I only hope I can pass on the "bug" of the classic car hobby to my sons and daughters and the next generation for years to come.  Lord knows, they'll be eyeing up my collection when I'm gone!!!

Legal Disclaimer


This website is a tool for a hobbyist only and not a formal business arrangement.  There are no warranties, guarantees, or other legal protections normally alotted to formal business operations.  Vehicles are sold "as is" and "where is".  These are classic "collector" or "specality" cars of age and not expected for daily transportation needs.  I am not a licensed car dealer and cannot provide state inspection services or guarantee any vehicle will meet or pass state inspection requirements for road traffic.