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"I just love to buy, own, drive , flip and "rescue" classic Lotus cars!"


Some photos of my "barn find" vehicles at their original location and in their "as found" condition.
'64 Mercedes Benz 230SL found stored in a working auto service repair shop in Woodbury, NJ.  Stored there since 1995 (18 years). 
MG Midget I bought from a long time friend.  Pulled from his garage in Reading, PA after sitting some 20 years untouched.
Double whammy!  Lotus Elan and MGB from Chester, PA.  Owner died, obtained from estate.  He bought the Elan brand new in Pittsburgh, PA.  This picture after garage was cleaned out.  Cars were buried in junk.
'77 Lotus Esprit pulled from an open air garage in Boston, MA.  Car sat here since 1985 by its second owner.
'77 Lotus Esprit found in a warehouse where six other Lotus still lay untouched after 15 or more years in storage.
'71 Lotus Elan from Texas.  Original owner died.  Obtained from estate.  Car originally from California, then Arizona, and onto Texas.
'78 Lotus Esprit S1 found parked under this canopy on a busy street in Pennington, NJ for over 20 years untouched.
Just sitting there in a yard just off the highway, this '68 Porsche 912 caught my eye while driving through Clementon, NJ.  WHAT A RUST BUCKET!!  But someone had to "rescue" it...
Here's a "twofer", two cars from one source.  They were found on a remote historic farm property at the Virginia, North Carolina border in the Great Dismal Swamp national wildlife refuge.  A '72 Lotus Elan Plus 2 and a Lotus Europa S2.
This is the one that got away!  1969 Europa S2 sitting under trees on a property in Southern Oregon.  I bought two other vehicles, but the brakes were seized and they couldn't roll it around to the transport truck.  Oh well, twas not meant to be.  Lots of moss and lichen growing all over it.  Someone please save this car!!!
Bought this lonely Elan DHC sitting outside under a tarp in an Oregon driveway.  A widow was selling her late husband's collection.  I was able to buy a Formula Ford race car from her as well.
I bought this Colorado Elan DHC sight unseen and paid the price.  Upon arrival, found a very rusty frame, my first!  It was originally a "daily driver" from the infamous rust-belt of Indiana.
Found this stored outside under a tarp stored behind an auto body shop not too far from the Philadelphia International Airport.  Smelled a bit musty, but was a very complete S3 Elan DHC.
This S4 Elan DHC spent 15 years in this garage in Western Maryland while its owner succumbed to the ill effects of dementia.  Not until he pulled the engine out mounted on a stand to do some rejuvenation work on the car.  Lots of spare parts and doubles came with this car.
Europa S2 body shell next to a rock pile in New Jersey.  Ended up finding the rest of the car, chassis, engine, other parts in the garage attic, but unfortunately sold the VIN plates and parted out the rest of the car without keeping it whole.
This spent many years in storage at a Tom's River, NJ junk yard.  A fairly complete, low mileage, but wrecked early Europa S1.   Worth saving!
This Lotus Elan Coupe was a real "barn find" and was stored since the 1980's on a goat farm in Missouri.
Fellow Lotus enthusiast gave me a lead on this Europa that had been sitting outside under a tarp in a North Jersey residential driveway for 40 years.  The tires were rotted and all four wheels were up on dollies.  The owner was dying and on hospice when I went to retrieve it.  The frame was rotted through compromising the front suspension, but still very complete and worthy of rescue.  Another one saved!