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Lotus BODY type parts

shipping additional - some prices negotiable
Lotus 15" Colin Chapman signature steering wheel in nearly perfect original unrestored condition.  wheel hub and horn push button included.

small diameter padded steering wheel with Lotus steering boss hub and Lotus logo horn button

Lotus Elan S1 early Springall steering wheel with boss and horn button, very original unrestored condition

$ 1,750
Lotus Elan nose grill screen, nice condition

Weber carb K&N air filters, one bottom edge flattened to fit firewall/footwell shelf

$55 pair
Lotus Europa ash tray, very nice, but no spring clip

Lotus Europa ash tray bezel surround holder with "No Smoking" sign inserted.  Nice alternative!

Lotus Elan early ash tray

Vitalone side view mirror with mounting screws and pad, after market use for Lotus Europa, black plastic


Lotus Europa side view mirror, matt black finish, brand new in box

Lotus Elan side view mirror, brand new, never mounted

Lotus Elan side view mirror, brand new, never mounted

Lotus  Elan side view mirror, nice polished

$ 65
Bullet door/fender mirror, USED, has minor pitting, could polish up nicely, still usable.  Came off my Lotus Elan.


mounting bracket for coolant overflow catch bottle, original used condition

mounting bracket for coolant overflow catch bottle with radiator side blanking plate

Tudor large coolant overflow catch bottle with mounting bracket

Tudor small windshield wash reservoir bottle with hanging bracket

Tudor windshield wiper wash bag with hanging bracket, no name (decals available elsewhere) brand new in box, never used

2 available

$45 bag w/ bracket
$30 bag only
Lotus Elan seat frame clamps to floor (new)

$45 pair
Europa seat runners/tracks

$20 set (1 seat only)
Lotus Europa gas struts (new), long set for rear trunk lid, shorter set for front bonnet lid

$ 45 - rear trunk
$ 40 - front bonnet
Lotus exterior door handles (no locks), left and right side, like new

$ 160 pair (new)

$ 100 pair (used)
Lotus Elan door handle (one only)


Lotus interior door handle pull, lock combo, nice condition

$ 50 pair
$ 30 each
Lotus Elan/Europa trunk lid hinge set

$50 pair GOOD

$40 pair FAIR (not pictured)

Lotus Europa trunk/boot lid locks with keys

$ 150 pair
Lotus Elan choke/heater pull knob and replacement braided cable

original Lotus Elan choke and heater cable sheaths and dash mount ends, no inner wire

$25 pair
replacement Lotus Elan heater and choke cable assemblies

$75 set

Lotus Elan S1/S2 bonnet release cables complete

$85 set  (pair complete)

$40 single (not pictured)
Lotus Europa rear window glass (not  pictured)

Lotus Europa / Elan Plus2 windshield corner trim pieces

$45 (set of 4)

$10 extra odd one left
Lotus miscellaneous

horn push contact pin $5

stalk cover steering column $8

steering column support bracket $10
Lotus Elan glove box door hinges

Lotus Elan S4/Sprint door locks with key, brand new, never used

Lotus Elan trunk boot locking latch handle mechanism, with gasket (no key)

Lotus Elan vacuum light switch, rebuilt (spring to retain knob missing)

Lotus Elan Plus 2 vacuum solenoids

1 sold, only 2 left

$110 each

Lotus Elan headlight pod spring

Lotus Elan S3/S4 bonnet hold down spring 

Lotus horn button assortment

horn button push (left) = *SOLD*

steering wheel hub (right) $30

steering wheel hub (bottom) $20
Lotus Elan convertible top, nice used condition, clear plastic windows, has snaps along top windshield leading edge instead of tucking edge into slot

Lotus Elan S1/S2 optional hard top, top rail connection screws, original

$30 pair
Lotus Elan S1/S2 rear deck cleat attachment for convertible top back rail, need rechroming

Lotus Elan voltage regulator


fuse block


NOTE:  several voltage regulators to choose from pictured under "Misc" section
Lotus Europa radio antenna, black

Lotus Elan remote (engine bay) starter button solenoid, original OEM


Lotus Europa rear deck lid vent screens, good condition

$40 pair
Lotus Elan light pod, fiberglass only

Lotus Elan fiberglass headlight pod cover, driver side only

Smith's heater box, complete, with mounting hardware, working side flaps, no rust, very good condition

Lotus Elan center console arm rest pad, brand new, unused

Lotus Elan original plywood dash board, needs veneering

Europa under dash defroster vents

$45 pair
Europa/Plus2 dash fresh air eye vents

$45 pair
Wooden shifter gear knob with Lotus logo center, like new  

New replacement leather shifter boot.
Lotus Europa rubber shifter boot, should clean up

Lotus gear shifter balls, assorted, prices left to right 1 thru 4

#1 Cortina?  -  $50
#2 oblong     -  $50
#3 large        -  $60
#4 indented  -  $60
Lotus Europa shift level and swivel joint plate

Lotus Elan coupe interior light switch

Lotus Europa interior light (no switch part)

Europa door switch interior light with bracket

$ 15 pair
Lotus Elan Plus2 lights, red door light, white engine bay light

$5 each
Lotus Elan heater intake grill, one end tang missing but otherwise repairable and usable

Lotus Elan S3/S4 DHC rear deck tray, ends sawed off, but included and can be reglassed

Lotus Europa windshield wiper motor and cable mechanism complete

Lotus Elan Plus 2 and others, windshield wiper motor and mounts, unknown condition

Europa support brackets

$50 set 4
Europa, Elan Plus2, Anglia front bumper for refinishing

Lotus Europa early S1 luggage tray with battery box, good overall condition, little chip out of top left corner, may need some strengthening/fiberglassing of top edge, but very usable as is.

Lotus Elan Plus2 door window frames, good condition

$100 pair - pickup only, no shipping
Lotus Elan Plus2 hood bonnet latch catches

$45 pair

Lotus Europa / Elan side market light sets

Red = $65 pair  *SOLD*
Amber = $65 pair

Lotus Elan S1/S2 rear tail lights
(reflectors not included)

$50 pair
Lotus Elan/Europa tail light clusters in varying condition

Fair - $150  (minor pitting, lens crack)
Good - *SOLD*  (nice)
Best - *SOLD* (very nice)

price per pair/set
only 1 set left

Lotus Elan/Europa tail light fixture without lens

Lotus Esprit S1 tail light clusters in excellent condition (Fiat X/19)

$95 pair

Cigarette lighter from Elan Plus2


Map light from Elan Plus2


Lotus Elan Plus2 map light


Lucas dual beam headlight bulb

$30 each
$50 pair
Lotus Elan headlight buckets, used condition, little rust (not pictured-similar unit).  Headlight bulbs sold separately.

$50 pair

Lotus headlight bulb stainless retaining rings and bucket inserts

fail-safe headlight vacuum pod, brand new, and mounting brackets

$ 300 pod
$ 60 long bracket
$ 40 short bracket
Vacuum light pod w/ springs, push/pull rod, very rusty, rubber perished


Lotus Europa dash bezel, composite

Lotus Europa dash guages

$110 - tachometer
$110 - speedometer

$200 set
Odometer reset cable

Speedometer angle drives, one is like new, the other needs simple repair, cable end crimp

$90 like new one
$60 other one
Smiths speedometer "SN 5226/09"  MG midget, Lotus Seven?


Lotus Elan dual gauge (oil & water) with mount bracket and sender/sensor bulb, nice condition, 60 lbs oil pressure, water centigrade scale

Lotus Europa Lucas AMP meter, good used condition


Oil - $30
Temp - $30
combo - $30

Fuel guages

$30 each

NOTE: upper left gauge SOLD
Clarion AM/FM radio, came out of Lotus Elan Plus2